Happy Birthday to me! My Present??

A new BLOG!!!!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

In Mama Donata’s Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen.  The hub of the home, or of my home at least, for where does anyone want to be but in the kitchen?  I bought this fancy old house with a large living room hosting a large fireplace and large windows where one can watch the changing skyline over the natural wonder of the slough, over the city of Everett and into the sunset.  I even added a grand piano for “panache” (Though I do make an effort to play it often) . But does anyone want to sit in the living room? Nooo…They’d rather lean their ass on the kitchen counter while drinking an espresso or something out of the wine cellar.

Me, the Keeper of the Hearth, I don’t mind that people like to linger in the kitchen.  I’m propelled there myself, even now that all of my children have blossomed into adulthood.  The kitchen pulls me into its mystical vortex on a daily. Sometimes I get lost there, in the kitchen, lost to the world.  I can be extremely self-centered in my dogged pursuit of preserving and creating in this liminal space. I feel more “connected” in the kitchen, to you know, the ancestors, the great unknown, the oh so powerful consciousness.  

This new to me kitchen has hosted more events than my old kitchen had in the 17 years we lived there.  Three days after we moved in 65 people converged here to celebrate my grandfather who had passed away a few days before.  We seated everyone at tables in the garage (You know you’re Italian when your garage is also the event venue). That very weekend my sister and her husband and 8 kids stayed over, we bought our very first christmas tree for the new house,  and 50 people came over for a wreath making party. Phew! Then our 25th anniversary party (110 people), parties for the daughters dances, sleepovers, softball parties, fundraisers, think tanks, monthly family reunion planning parties, cousins days, ladies nights, bourbon and cornhole nights, harvest parties, christmas eve parties, thanksgivings, cookie making parties, work parties, new years parties, apple cups and super bowls, baby showers, graduation parties, pumpkin carving parties, back to back weddings (one my own son’s!).

And then I needed to slow down a bit.  The reality of an empty nest loomed. Peri-menopause started hard-core.  All of the sudden my desire to gather and love without condition left the building of my soul.  I purged my life of friends, I erected stone wall boundaries with family, I went back to school to get my bachelors, I left for a month to Italy with just my daughter, I became ridiculously cynical, a cloud of negativity following along on my daily experiences.  I drove my husband quite mad.

Next week is the big one!  The last child moves to college.  The house and I and the dogs will be largely left alone, my husband being a travelling man and all. I have my last quarter of college for my BA, and a host of hobbies to fill my days.  The big decision looms of “what the hell do I do now”?!

So (or, allore, as the Italians like to constantly say meaning and then or therefore or “so”)…

here we are! This Aquarius Full Moon on the very day of my birth suggesting that it’s time to serve others and get the fuck over myself looms. Will I listen??? Maybe this pursuit, this “new” blog (for I have written others) will help me re-surface.

I don’t know where this blog is going, but in times of transition and rough waters writing has been my tether.  I kept a blog while trying to muddle through my first teenager. I kept another blog while trying to muddle through “waiting” for the rest of the teenagers to climb their mountains, being needed as just the buffer in their lives, as they were rarely under my feet.  And now, perhaps this transition needs to be experienced with the collective…so, allore,…Are you out there? Do you “hear” me? Do you want to share in my misery/grief/freedom/kitchen exploits?!
If so, I’ll be here, and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/mama_donata/?hl=en .

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