I had these thoughts, the thoughts below, while gardening away one day.  Who knew that digging in the dirt for the end of a taproot could lead to such eloquent inquiry; very much the same way that Tarot reading does for me or the way reading a bible verse of the day may do for someone else.  After each idea that I had on this yard working day I sauntered into the kitchen in a dream like state, dissecting the information that had come my way.  

I typed each thought onto the blank white paper that I keep handy in my antique typewriter. I keep these notes that I type to myself.  It amuses me to go through them occasionally and it just so happens that I came upon what I wrote that day today.  

My house is empty now of children, but all three of my children were living at home when I first wrote the note.  I was immersed in how best to usher them all into adulthood when I felt I had barely entered the adult realm myself.  One child was still in high school, but the other two were in and out of college and entry level jobs and I was still SAHM-ing.   I was able to be fully immersed in the Fool stage of the children’s new adulting, which I suppose all mothers aren’t blessed to do.  But indeed, I was able to witness firsthand the struggles that come along with finding oneself, complete with front row seating, and I was a little befuddled by what my duty to them should be.

Here’s where my thoughts of motherhood led me that day, you can discern them your very own way:

*Sometimes the Mother is the smallest plant that keeps the deepest roots.

*Sometimes it’s best not to weed, but to watch and see what blooms.

*Sometimes, when you thought something crucial was missing it, perhaps, was there all along forming deep deep roots behind a bigger bush.

*Things come in their proper season; where you thought rested just dirt alone is actually a beautiful carpet of Purple waiting to form.

*Sometimes you’re the teacher, bust most often you have much to learn.

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