An Art Docent Project

While pursuing my degree I consistently dealt with the impostor syndrome that I developed at the young age of 12 (another story for another time). This was especially evident in my art and art history classes. I felt so unworthy of being in art museums and galleries and presenting my own art for critique. I was also sickened by the documentaries we watched on how art is valued and circulated in this world. I wanted, well, to say “Fuck the Machine”!!! And with that being said, I developed an art docent project that could work quite well for young children so that they never feel left out of these wonderful things.

So here, it is, My See of Blue: What Do you See? An unfinished Acrylic. Please click the link below to see the full project.

The magic of creativity is available to all who can hear, touch, taste or see!

Link Here

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  1. This is amazing.  I’m ever so proud I can share this with people and say my daughter-in-law did this.  You go girl!  Big kiss, Lynn

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