52 Week Hiking Challenge

I have signed up for a 52 Week Hiking challenge! I have learned that I need #prompts for all things: reading, writing, parenting, learning, cooking, and definitely with fitness. I was looking for the perfect way to get my booty out of my house and hiking would be just the thing. I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to orient the challenge for myself, whether it be tracking miles hiked, days hiked, places hiked, so I decided to take to the internet for a little help. This challenge here seemed to fit the bill. It looked like a fun, non-threatening online community to join, with no pressure for where when or how the hike were to be accomplished, just that it get done. Last year my family enjoyed Trek for Treasure , a fun bi-weekly hiking/mystery challenge out of Sedro Woolley that provided a prompt for outdoor activity. We made it to all the hikes except the very last one, when life got a little crazy. That pisses me off, so I will make certain to finish this 52 week challenge!

Both of these efforts to get people outside have group facebook pages and I look forward to following the Washington page, as well as the global pages of the 52 Week Hiking Challenge to inspire my effort. I just can’t wait to learn about all the trails!! I live in the Pacific Northwest, so there are gorgeous trails so close to my home, yet they seem so far away when I attempt to make hiking plans. The support of the social media pages should help to get my butt out to some places I have yet to see!

Hiking is especially fun because my family likes to hike even more than I do! So I know they’ll be all in. My daughter will be home for the summer and she loves to get on the trail, she lives the rest of the year in Boise, Idaho so when I visit this will be a great prompt for getting out there too! We love Bellingham, Wa and my son and his girlfriend have just moved there! We will definitely be joining them to appreciate the amazing landscape and hills of the area. I’ll hike while they mountain bike! The husband and I are headed to Sedona, Arizona in February. I have been there several times, but have not hiked! I can’t wait to start planning our days in the red rocks and by the creek that comes alive with wildlife in the evening. I’m gently toying with a trip to Sicily, and the group I would go with does an epic hike, so we shall just have to see what comes of that. My niece will be in Rome for a semester and I am hoping to visit her there in my favorite city and am dying to show my family Cinque Terre and hike between the cities, and maybe this time even make it to the Dolomites and Swiss Alps close to where my mother’s family lives.

There are apps available that let your loved ones know where you’re at when you’re going solo on the trails. I have just downloaded the Cairn hiking app, a tracking and safety app. It also has suggestions for hikes in my area. My husband uses the Strava app. I appreciate following his journeys on the mountain bike and knowing the details of his journey. He often bikes alone and having a timeframe and location for his rides is a relief. He is also over forty and still likes to do jumps and rails and cliff drops, so it’s always nice to know if he’s stopped in one place and where for a bit too long! I thought it would be fun though, to try a second app. We shall see if it works just as well as Strava.

So, #takeahike why don’t ya?! #Getoutside with me! Are you making a #fitnessresolution this year? Do you have a #fitnessgoal? How do you #trackapp your fitness?

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