Lemon Balm is just nuts in the garden and will be until we get a good freeze. The spring, though, is when it really sings to me. This years I am obsessed with making a Lemon Balm Shortbread Cookie.

Lemon Balm Shortbread Cookies

1 cup flour

½ cup powdered sugar

½ cup butter (I prefer salted)

5 generous pinches (probably around 4 tablespoons) Chopped Lemon Balm

A couple teaspoons lemon zest.

Mix all together.  Shape into log.  Chill in fridge for a bit.  Cut into ¼ inch slices. Place on cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 9-12 minutes, until the edges just begin to turn golden brown.  Immediately remove from cookie sheet so the bottoms don’t overcook.

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