Things you might wanna know about me, this gal you started following

Some things you don’t know about me:

I was a teen mom.  Married at 17.  Baby at 18.

I married my high school sweetheart.  We’re still married.

I have three kids, as of 2020 they are 28, 25, and 19; they each have long term significant others. I even have a daughter-in-law. We have all either gone to college or are in college.

I’m not always kind, cuz, boundaries.

I have a Bachelors degree in Culture, Literature, and the Arts

I am a Tarot enthusiast of grand proportions.

I make my own herbal remedies, but don’t always remember to use them.

I have an abundant herb garden.

I have a big white Koi and a few goldfish in a water feature off my patio where a heron enjoys a snack now and again.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for nearly 30 years (that comes in 2021)

Sedona Arizona may be my favorite place on earth so far, followed by Rome ( I feel at home there), and then followed by Hana in maui, hawaii

I have written like a million drafts of things and published like nothing

I love having dance parties, alone, just me myself and I and a glass of wine.  This usually happens on Wednesdays, don’t ask me why, I do not know the reason

I LOVE christmas, can’t help it, I’m not christian, well, maybe, kinda, but I just love the fuzzy feeling of the IDEA of Christmas.

I love feeding people, but after I feed them I feel incredibly insecure.

I have imposter syndrome in like everything I do to the max, like the very max.

I have a biological parent I’ve never met, for good reason, actually.

I have a host of women in my life who are like real life superheroes, and honestly, it’s most of the women I know, to be quite frank about it.

I kind of hate empty nesting and I kind of love it.

I like volunteering my time over having a boss. I hate being bossed, always have, can’t help it.

I am a Leo.

I share my birthday with the assumption of the virgin mary to heaven. In Italy they this day Ferragasto. They celebrate this holiday for the whole month of august. I think I should too.

I know that you are no longer supposed to use two spaces after a period, but I often do.

I love gardening, and I kind of hate it. The preserving and drying and cooking and garbling and weeding and pruning and planting and mowing and blowing and dog poopy duty are tuckering me out!

I drink wine, a lot, and bourbon, and I pretend like I’m taking my tinctures, but really, I’m having a cocktail.

I drive a nissan leaf, I love it. I also drive a ford f150 and love that too.

I have a new to me electric golf cart, it’s red and black with fancy wheels and upholstery, I’m using it for garden chores.

I love a good vegan meal, but sometimes a girl just wants to sink her teeth into a juicy, salty, oozing gooey mess of a hamburger, with cheese, lots of cheese.

I gained all sorts of weight hiding from being a MILF, I’m ready to shed the weight,not to be a MILF, but just to shed the weight.

I had to call search and rescue because I got lost in the snow, wearing a sweatshirt and sneakers, with my daughter, at a tree farm where I’d hiked a hundred times before, and it was getting dark and I couldn’t figure out how to map the exit of the place…sigh.  I didn’t go hiking for two years after that.

There were 400 people at my wedding, imagine that these days. I had 5 baby showers for my first child. With all of the gifts, money, and hand me downs I didn’t need to buy a thing for my child until he was 3. The nurses tallied 100 visitors the sunday that I was in the hospital with my oldest. How’s that for community.

Things I shy away from: community.

I’m regretting shying away from community.

I’m currently working on building community and making friends.

I went through an epic midlife crisis and cut a lot of people out of my life. I’m working on reeling them back in. It will take some time.

I LOVE my husband, like really really really love him. He is god’s gift to me, if there is a god.

My “dad” is my most fervent protector, god bless him.

Perimenopause can go to hell, just sayin’.

I really like used stuff. If I can buy it thrift, I just like it better. 

I have very few pictures of people in my house, not even of my kids. Pictures of people make me feel claustrophobic. Analyze that!

I am over 50 percent sicilian and I don’t know a darn thing about that part of me!  What?!!!

I won volunteer of the year once, for a thing, it was okay.

I play the piano. I took classical lessons for 10 years, then played for the all girls choir in high school, but I am really loving playing some led zeppelin toons lately.

I used to have big hair, like really big hair.

My favorite song is Wave after Wave by Mr. Probst.

I’m working on an Oracle deck for young women based off an intuitive painting I recently finished of a butterfly. Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of butterfly stuff.  Go Figure!

I really love gathering people and this virus, this Covid thing, is really harshing on my groove.

I have a really hard time meditating on my own.

I’m afraid of ghosts.

I really dislike the month of July.

I love cheese sandwiches at midnight.

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  1. YOU are an AMAZING women! It’s cool that you know yourself so well and Donata, shed the insecurity after feeding people and just be you because the you is awesome! Let’s wine again 🙂

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