So, maybe you should try writing list style too?

Last night I was feeling all the feels, I stayed up and had myself a good dance party and wrote a list for my new instagram followers. This list I called, “What you might want to know about me”, or something like that. One thing that you might not know about me is that I really love the writing prompts that involve lists. The most popular being the I Remember list prompt that I’ve encountered in nearly every writing course I’ve participated in over the last 20 years.

I love writing in list style because it offers a form of self reflection that I just can’t get when journaling or free writing, though it may lead to journaling or freestyling, but depending on the prompt, your subconscious can take you on some really fabulous journeys into the past, the future, or just the day. List writing brings up things I had forgotten about me, especially now, during Covid, when most of us feel lost and separate from our community, lacking any essence of who we are as we sit in our homes isolated from the rest of humanity.

So, if I may be so bold, might I suggest that you write a list. Your list could consist of a word on each line, or a sentence on each line, or a run on sentence here and there, or maybe a whole scene of dialogue, or maybe you’re really into fragments, or maybe you want each line to have the exact same amount of syllables, or maybe, just maybe, your list turns in to an essay, a short story, a memoir, a novel! The possibilities are endless. There are no rules but one, each new entry needs to follow the prompt, each line may even begin with exact same words, as in an I remember poem. Here is a fun example from the Poetry Society:

Some ideas for prompts might include the infamous “I Remember”…, or perhaps I love… or maybe If I could, I would… I hate…, Beauty is…, I love it when…, I wish that…, While you were away…, One of my favorite things…, Tomorrow I will…,

Maybe you want to write a list from A to Z, or simply a list of to-do’s, or maybe a list of what you’d like someone to do to or for you; or perhaps what you would do to or for someone else. Maybe you’d like to write a “Things I carry” list, simply listing everything in your purse, or everything weighing on your shoulders, or weighing heavy on your heart. You do you, I’m not here to judge, but if you feel the need to share your list turned poem (hint, a list is certainly a poem, for there really are no rules), please do (share, that is)!

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