Today, sadly, I sit and watch people refuse to let Democracy run it’s course. My best response is to light candles of peace. I did respond to a “he who shall not be named” Tweet that our nation is not a fucking reality show, but that solves nothing.

I have lit candles for peace, I am smudging, and soon plan to go walk a Labyrinth. My walk will be a prayer for this nation to fall to its knees, in peace. To understand that there are always two sides of a coin, but the coin is still just one unit. Democracy is our best bet to solve for the middle, for the middle is the most populated part of the coin.

I choose to see this as a time in history where humans awakened, and began paying attention to their station, expecting something better for themselves, and that now that they have found their voice, they will educate themselves and involve themselves with the issues that affect them. I pray that they will use this system that we hold true to communicate their ideas and opinions, not abuse it.

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