A dish is built in layers of ingredients and flavor. It begins from the bottom and builds it’s way to the top. Like a soup, let’s say, that is then eaten, from top to bottom. In this case, it is a Butternut Squash and Lentil Soup, the very soup I ate today, for lunch. 

I built the soup by first laying a foundation of aromatics inside of Mirepoix, the mixture of Celery, Onion, Turmeric, Garlic that begins most delicious blended things like sauce and soups and even casseroles. I omitted the carrot that this flavor faculty usually invites foreshadowing the sweet that was to come from the squash.

I allowed the Mirepoix to sizzle in a tablespoon or so of olive oil, until the vegetables wilted tenderly. Then, a dried Cayenne Chili pod joined the dance along with 3 crushed Garlic Cloves, 2 Bay Leaves, and a palmful of crushed Thyme; I stirred this all together until the aromatics of each element met my nostrils. 

My palm turned Brown Lentils into the pan, twice; then scooped up a pile of diced unpeeled Butternut Squash, four times, tossing them onto the lentils and mirepoix.

A quart Mason Jar and a half held Vegetable Broth, made just a few days before, solely for the purpose of hydrating this mass. Into the pan they were poured to simmer away for an half hour or more. A wooden spoon was employed to give all a good stir.

A spoon was erected and used to taste this soup for flavor. It was found that 3 more garlic cloves were to be peeled, smooshed and added along with a Tablespoon or so of good Chunky Mediterranean Sea Salt and a sizeable pinch of cracked Black Pepper.

Ten more minutes simmering rendered the Soup finished. I smashed it with a potato masher to render it creamy, though abounding, still, with chunks of squash and whole Lentils.

Whole food eating demands that one should finish their cooked things with something fresh and green with a little acid perhaps. This task is not to be skipped as it does not just add another element of flavor, it is promoting good digestive health. To accomplish this task, a handful of Flat Leaf Parsley was chopped.

In a bowl went 1 cup of the soup, a handful of chopped Parsley, a grate of Lemon Rind, a squeeze of Lemon Juice and just a pinch of a sprinkle of finely ground Pink Himalayan Salt.

My spoon dove into the green at the top of my bowl before  coursing through layers of savory sweet thickness fused together in the form of my soup. My elbow pulled the load up to my mouth, my wrist twisting the spoon to meet my teeth as the steam moistened my lips. I closed my lips around the spoon and as the spoon withdrew, my tongue was met with warmth while the roof of my mouth dissipated the acid of the lemon over my tongue and the fresh hit of parsley woke my tastebuds, the layers of salt, acid and green titillating my senses before the savory hot choreography of the lentils and squash danced between my teeth.

What a Dish!

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