Well, that was quick. My second new moon letter should have posted last week. And, well, honestly, I feel like a completely different person than I felt last month. Something has shifted. Immensely. Both of my volunteer commitments have come to their natural conclusions, it’s February, which, well, you know, February! Ugh! And I just didn’t feel very full of love and light and all of my usual new moon bliss. I did feel a lot of love for my family, which is wonderful, and for my home, and my self. But I didn’t feel like sharing it, outwardly.

And in fact, I’m still not feeling so much like sharing my creativity outwardly. I think I’m ready to work on a thing, privately, working my little crop of creativity quietly and consistently. Giving it the proper nourishment and attention it needs without the bursts of energy that I give to my outward endeavors.

When it is time to harvest these things, I will be back.

Until then I will be unfurling, buffering, and who knows what this season of growth and re birth will bring

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