The Rose bed and Marjoram hedge during a late autumn evening
oh, that golden light! This Golden Plum produces like crazy at the end of the summer.
slowly making a grape hedge against the stone wall of the patio
Planting in late march, under the full moon, the frogs singing a symphony in the background. The black earth alive
A bit of this and that
I enjoy this part of the yard as well as the rest, with cherries, hosts, tulips, heuchera, black mondo grass, creeping succulent, and even sometimes Calendula and sunflowers that have self seeded here.
Figs and Squash
Roses in the height of summer
a few glimpses of our wild butterfly seed mix blooming, just waiting for butterflies
Last year we thought we could finally keep track of where we planted things by taking a picture of the seed packet along with an identifying part of the garden…this didn’t work very well.
Sweet Peas and Cherries, it must be the 4th of July!
Just a beautiful Garlic harvest
This picture is part of the table laden with baskets, herbs, flowers, and hydrangeas, an epic harvest day
Cherries in Bloom! Cherry Snow too! Spring is just too beautiful here in this garden we inherited.
The day’s harvest in a gorgeous salad