In Donata’s Garden

Oh, how I love my garden. At least I love my garden most days. The chores never end. Ever. Trying to maintain a habitat for all the lovely pollinators and sustainable methods of growing things is a lot of work. It’s not always perty, but it’s always divine. (I’ll add pics often! but the best way to see my kitchen play is on instagram

The first wild and wonderful garden where all of the herbs grow….this is a snapshot of late spring before the wild and wonderful things explode!
Now just imagine, it’s the first week of March and the Frogs are playing a symphony for you in the pond just behind you. The dirt that you lovingly tended for a year is now soft and supple and two inches deeper than the year before. Your partner is beside you, raking and weeding and planting and mulching as the sun sets on the evening.
Oh, the Roses!
The sunset view from our patio is the very reason we moved here. We look out and over the Snohomish River Slough area and into and beyond the city of Everett for these dramatic plays of light. Now just imagine that you’re sitting at the patio table, having just had a delicious faltbread with a chive oil sauce, melted mozarella from De Laurenti’s market at Pike Place, with fresh tomatoes and arugula from the garden sprinkled on top; a nice sprinkle of coarse Cherrywood Smoke Salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. settles on the tongue with after each bite. A bottle of Airfield Winerie’s Rose of the year rests near the game board of the backgammon you and your partner are playing as Dave Matthews croons on in the background.